Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Google Gets a New Partner in Cart2Buy

Cart2Buy is the latest product launch from All-Affiliate.com out of Tallahassee, Florida. We are proud to announce that this product has completed all of the necessary requirements of Google to comply with their very strict API standards for full and complete integration with the Google Checkout Process.
Google Checkout is one of the most common checkout services available and one of the most viable alternatives to the "other" guys who often lock up and freeze your online accounts for no apparent reason … often resulting in days, weeks or even months of continual financial losses while you are forced to prove that you did absolutely nothing wrong. This very unpleasant occurrence can be easily avoided by using a checkout cart that utilizes the powerful Level 2 Google Checkout Integration.
To date there are many companies that have integrated their checkout carts with Google but All-Affiliate.com has taken it all the way up to Google Level 2 Integration and has come up with an entire e-commerce solution for you. At the time of this press release, less than fifty (50) companies are listed on Google’s very own pages. There with those highly respected names, you will now be able to see Cart2Buy listed among those very few companies that have successfully provided you with an all-around proven AND GOOGLE APPROVED solution for your Online Marketing Needs, affiliate needs and OS Commerce Solutions.
Whether you are working in the area of E-Commerce or OS-Commerce, you are going to need a safe and reliable checkout system. The reason that there are so few that are Google Approved is because they have very exacting standards to maintain their level of excellence, safety and security for your customer’s online shopping experience. Cart2By is now among those very few companies who are actually certified by Google and have proven themselves capable of maintaining the very same level of safety and security that has become synonymous with the Google Name Brand.
What Makes Cart2Buy so much better?
While many affiliate programs and other OS Commerce solutions have successfully integrated Google Checkout Solutions into their affiliate management software, according to Google’s very own pages, Cart2Buy is one of less than fifty that has actually extended this process and achieved the coveted status of being fully compliant with Level 2 Integration of their software. If you are looking for an all-around E-Commerce Solution, OS Commerce Solution or Affiliate Management System that works with maximized results with minimal risks, you have found exactly what you are looking for.
What Does Level 2 Google Integration Involve for Shopping Cart Solutions?
The initial process to develop Cart2Buy into a Google Accepted and fully Integrated shopping cart solution began with a 61 step process and evaluation of the software. Each and every aspect of the OS Commerce solution was then tested with Google Checkout by the folks at Google. Google does not let just any software in and they certainly do not put their name on many products at all but Cart2Buy worked diligently with testers and with the people at Google to bring you the ultimate in E Commerce, Affiliate and Shopping Cart solutions.
People trust Google to handle many tasks for a reason and if Google says that Cart2Buy is a viable option, you can rest assured that you will be able to trust them too. So how can it get any better than that?
Cart2Buy has done all of the work and taken all of the risk out of it for you … and what’s more is that they have still kept the product at an extremely reasonable price so that it is available for anyone looking for an all-around unbeatable E-Commerce solution. For more information, stop by www.cart2Buy.com today and check out our online demo!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Civil war time novel. Made in Oprah's book club

In the 1860s Confederate South, a farmer and slave possessor loses his wife and home in a Union Army attack. He flees the American Civil War for Brazil where he sees new love and a new starting, but as he fights to protect the interracial concordance of his new life, he cannot escape his past.

On awinter of 1864 at a time when a war that could be called anything but civil was severe on and nearing an ill conclusion of sorts for some. When Hunter McAdams, a modest farmer and slave owner, is burnt out and his wife murdered by Union soldieries, he is drawn into the Confederate army to fight at what would be the 3 rd most murderous fight of the Civil War.

Avenge for the death of his wife fully occupies him until he is miraculously saved from being murdered in fight. To avoid torment and imprisonment at the discredited Union prison Camp Douglas, Hunter defects from the Confederate Army and gets out to Brazil in search of a new life along with finally up to 40,000 other Southerners in a mass exodus and the largest number of displaced Americans to leave the country in U.S. history.

Many Southerners resisted to take the oath of allegiance or "swallow the dog" as they called it, and learned little forgiveness in their hearts for the Union. Many had nothing to go back to or stay for. The Southerners land in Rio first, then branch out to form some 20 settlements all of which fail except for one that exists to this day, a place called Americana.

In Brazil, Hunter finds the power, wildness, the severity and sheer immensity of the Amazon jungle to be a dashing place to live, but eventually he creates a new slave-free farm and absorbs into the welcoming society in Brazil where he innovates mass farming (the use of a mule and plow) to the locals who up to that point were only using hand tools. His new farm prospers and many new fortunes are made due to the productive soil in Americana. He also unexpectedly finds a second chance at romance in a completely harmonious multi-cultural surroundings and falls for a lovely local woman of African descent.

But when his former father in law and mentor arrives with ambitions of reconstructing his slave imperium due to the fact slaveholding was still legal in Brazil, he finds Hunter in love with a woman of another race and absorbing into Brazilian culture to his shock, surprise, and disgust. He feels that Hunter has betrayed and dishonored his daughter's memory.

Finally, when one of Hunter's recent family is taken in the night to be enslaved, the slavery effect hits too close to home and he is driven to determine what he stands for, who his allegiances are really to, and ultimately to fight to help rid slavery and the old attitudes about race from Americana once and for all